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Activate Space is a social enterprise with a commitment to impact real estate and community initiatives. We help individuals and organizations with vacant and underutilized properties create new revenue streams that meet their sustainability goals while doing social good.
This includes churches facing property-related challenges, retailers with storefronts under stress, and homeowners looking to simplify their lives through estate and downsizing solutions. We also craft innovative strategies transforming properties that are major liabilities into community assets for local governments, REITs, developers, banks, and civic groups. START YOUR ACTIVATION PROJECT TODAY.
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Activate Space is a MaRS Start
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Information about this property owner

Location: Canada

Pictured: Eglinton St. George's United Church, 35 Lytton Blvd, Toronto, ON M4R 1L2

Why is this property owner here?

We think their properties are vacant or underutilized/possibly available for creative use strategies because:

  • Nearly 1/3 of Canada's approximately 30,000 faith properties are projected to be shuttered over the next 10 years. As a result, the United Church of Canada has become increasingly open to creative use strategies that help preserve their buildings while doing social good.


Here are some pathways you might follow to use their property legally:


Interested in organizing to open a listed property up for dynamic community use? Share notes, files, and photos with other City Builders here.


Have you seen vacant or underutilized properties that could use some attention in your neighbourhood? Submit a property lead to get the ball rolling on a local activation project.


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