United Church of Canada Interactive Asset Map

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


Activate Space created the very first visual map of United Church property assets across Canada. The community asset map profiles approximately 3,000 faith properties, and serves as an important form of interactive storytelling. Telling compelling stories with map-based data is a critical aspect of brand marketing and business development for real estate ventures, newsrooms, civic groups, and many other types of organizations. It is a powerful way of helping clients better understand the scope of your work and your impact on the world around them, expanding participatory engagement with both broad and targeted audiences, and establishing evidence-based insights for internal strategic planning processes.

The process of map development included data collection, entry, and cleaning, as well as map design, coding, and API development for web- and mobile-based integrations into United Church congregant sites and apps. The Activation Map API is supported world-wide.

Explore the interactive United Church of Canada Map HERE.

The project also included a social media campaign that gradually built a vibrant rainbow mosaic of United Churches profiled as part of the national map. United Church stakeholders were invited to watch their collective rainbow mosaic grow daily over the course of a year (with 10 churches added per day, throughout the day, from Monday to Friday).

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