Invited Panelist at the Akin x Urban Land Institute Discussion on Social Purpose Real Estate


Activate Space was invited to participate in a small discussion bringing together city builders and cultural leaders at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

The event, Facilitated by Jane Farrow of the Department of Words & Deeds aims to answer a number of pressing questions.

How can developers create unique partnerships and collaborations with non profits and other community-focused groups to address space needs and provide a social good? How can a booming real estate market in a fast growing city be leveraged to foster a climate where innovative and necessary but less profitable enterprises and causes can thrive and support

communities? What are some of the successes we can look to in Toronto, and abroad,

as we have a frank and open discussion around the impact and future of social purpose

real estate in the fabric of our city?

Invited panelists:

Jessa Agilo, Founder, President & CEO, ArtsPond

Laura Alderson, Co-ordinator, Mount Dennis BIA

Georgia Cowan, Community & Facilities Manager, MOCA Toronto

Robert Fiorino, Architect, Vice President - Market Strategy, Lemay

Andrew Garrett, Executive Director, Real Estate Portfolio, IMCO

Ken Greenberg, Urban Designer

Lori Martin, Senior Cultural Affairs Officer, City of Toronto

Oliver Pauk, Co-Director, Akin

Pru Robey, Consultant

Laura Trujillo, Vice President, Property Management, Allied REIT

Peter Venetas, Real Estate Consultant

Michael Vickers, Co-Director, Akin

Jordana Wright, Managing Director, Activate Space

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