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Activate Space is a social enterprise with a commitment to impact real estate and community initiatives. We help individuals and organizations with vacant and underutilized properties create new revenue streams that meet their sustainability goals while doing social good.
This includes churches facing property-related challenges, retailers with storefronts under stress, and homeowners looking to simplify their lives through estate and downsizing solutions. We also craft innovative strategies transforming properties that are major liabilities into community assets for local governments, REITs, developers, banks, and civic groups. START YOUR ACTIVATION PROJECT TODAY.
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Activate Space is a MaRS Start
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Activate Space co-develops and incubates hubs across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. In line with established pillars of impact real estate initiatives, the goals of our work are threefold.
  1. To buy, develop, and expand community-focused real estate, including affordable owned and rental housing and community buildings.
  2. To increase community access to high performing environmental housing, workspaces, and buildings.
  3. To build strategic partnerships that take a long term, community-focused view of real estate.
We offer tailored investment and sponsorship opportunities for Economic Catalysts as part of our work with urban institutions and vibrant entrepreneurial communities. Check out some of our activation projects here. Interested in building with us? 
Complete the Catalyst Form below to let us know how we can help you strengthen the connection between people and local assets.

Are you an Economic Catalyst looking to help solve urban problems through innovative approaches that deliver financial returns as well as social good?

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