Become an Activator to save money on your work and living space while performing the valuable service of activating local assets in your community. Register today to find a unique space where you can develop your dreams.
Activators benefit from a flexible non-exclusive license to share and activate the work and living space of a property, requiring just 28 days' notice to leave. This allows emerging enterprises to be tested without the stress of taking on a multi-year commercial lease, and expands flexible housing opportunities. Activators can give their notice to quit at any time.
Similarly, when our contract with a Property Owner is terminated for a specific property, our license agreement with our Activators is automatically terminated, and a 28 day notice to quit will be served. This helps make unique spaces more accessible and affordable for our Activators, and provides plenty of time to consider an exciting new activation. Check out some of our activation case studies here.
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There are many emerging Activation opportunities right in your neighbourhood!

Explore the Activation Map of community assets across Canada for some inspiration. This includes progressive churches within denominations looking for innovative ways to breathe new life into their spaces, surplus city-owned buildings, vacant public schools, and local lots and green spaces. Click the location circles for details on each property and pinch to zoom on mobile. 50+ properties added every week!

Get help from Activate Space to explore pathways you might follow to use these properties legally.

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Activate Space is a social enterprise with a commitment to impact real estate and community initiatives. We help individuals and organizations with vacant and underutilized properties create new revenue streams that meet their sustainability goals while doing social good.
This includes churches facing property-related challenges, retailers with storefronts under stress, and homeowners looking to simplify their lives through estate and downsizing solutions. We also craft innovative strategies transforming properties that are major liabilities into community assets for local governments, REITs, developers, banks, and civic groups. START YOUR ACTIVATION PROJECT TODAY.
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