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The easy 3 step process to reducing your property costs & freeing up more resources for inclusive missional work

We select and equip your tailored team of Activators.

After an initial consultation, our Space Experts get to work on matching your church with mission-aligned arts and cultural institutions, social service agencies, and community builders right in your neighbourhood. This can include municipalities, orchestras, restaurateurs, and more!


We manage your cost saving Activation.

An operational strategy is developed and administered that opens your space up to dynamic community use as well as support from a broad base of local stakeholders, deepening and formalizing the role of your church as a community asset. We can Activate your space for a few weeks, a few months, or for many years.


Your whole community wins.

Opening up churches to dynamic use and securing related supports serves the dual purpose of: (i) preserving local common good services - like the food banks and affordable performance venues often housed in churches; and, (ii) increasing their relevance and social impact through expanded partnerships with local changemakers.


A message from our Founder

As I enter my 10th year of leading dynamic placemaking and community development projects across sectors and silos, I find myself especially energized by the bold strides we’ve made to preserve churches as important community assets while expanding their responsiveness to changing local contexts.

What makes churches important community assets? Among many things, they house and subsidize much of the social infrastructure and common good services that help cities function: neighbourhood food banks; winter shelters that municipalities rely on; affordable performance venues fueling local creators; recreation facilities in areas without community centres; and more!

At present, 1/3 of the country's approximately 30,000 faith properties are projected to close over the next 10 years – along with all of the essential civic resources they house – as congregations shrink and age and face more challenges with their buildings. One way to buck this trend has been to help churches formalize and expand their de facto role as community hubs, and secure related supports, through Activation approaches. It has been a pleasure working with so many committed congregations, open to seeing their ‘big old churches’ welcome new communities and collaborators that will sustain them into the future.

Jordana Wright

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Need more tailored Activation services or advisory support for your unique space or group?

Here's how we work with you:

Want to learn more about what it means for your church to become truly invested in being diverse, intergenerational, and sustainable?

Join our online network, 'Things To Talk About At Coffee Hour', where we discuss opportunities for communities considering a bold new path forward!


We're your source for place-based expertise in: Multi-sectoral partnerships | Strategic asset management | Social procurement | Community engagement | Programming | Value creation | Alternative financing | Property development.

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Activate Space is a social enterprise with a commitment to impact real estate and community initiatives. We help individuals and organizations with vacant and underutilized properties create new revenue streams that meet their sustainability goals while doing social good.
This includes churches facing property-related challenges, retailers with storefronts under stress, and homeowners looking to simplify their lives through estate and downsizing solutions. We also craft innovative strategies transforming properties that are major liabilities into community assets for local governments, REITs, developers, banks, and civic groups. START YOUR ACTIVATION PROJECT TODAY.
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