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Activate Space is a social enterprise with a commitment to impact real estate and community initiatives. We help individuals and organizations with vacant and underutilized properties create new revenue streams that meet their sustainability goals while doing social good.
This includes churches facing property-related challenges, retailers with storefronts under stress, and homeowners looking to simplify their lives through estate and downsizing solutions. We also craft innovative strategies transforming properties that are major liabilities into community assets for local governments, REITs, developers, banks, and civic groups. START YOUR ACTIVATION PROJECT TODAY.
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Activate Space is a MaRS Start
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Connecting City Builders with those who have urban space to activate

Are you a City Builder in need of unique spaces where you can hatch your next big idea? 


Or a Property Owner looking to activate a vacant or underutilized space through temporary uses, renovation, or guardianship?


A message from our Founder

When I decided to start Activate Space, I wanted to create an impact real estate platform not only committed to excellence in city building, but also committed to keeping the needs of communities first. I sought to learn from local champions fighting every day to make the places we call home more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable. It has been my mission to amplify these voices and see their vision for our city become a reality.

I am extremely proud of the team we have assembled and the diverse collaborators with whom we work. I look forward to another year of building better, together. May our visions for our cities be bold, and our resolve to see them through be even bolder. 

Jordana Wright

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Need more tailored activation services for your unique space or group of City Builders?

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