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 While Reducing Your Property Costs! 

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A message from our Founder: Your church building is more than just real estate

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And you don't have to sell and redevelop to unlock its value. We help communities of faith transform buildings under stress into vibrant and financially sustainable community hubs, while reducing property costs and freeing up more resources for inclusive mission-driven work.


Activate Space is a missional community development practice, equipped to do the on-the-ground work of developing meaningful relationships with diverse Community Partners and local Economic Catalysts - right in your backyard! We're not real estate workers without first hand experience of congregational ministry and the nuanced ways in which church communities are assets beyond their buildings.

This means we're invested in the future of church communities. This is not just a 9-5. Outside of working to help churches excel as community hubs, we're engaged members of church communities and frequently collaborate with a range of impactful faith leaders to use our gifts in the service of the church. This is a calling.

- Jordana Wright

The easy 3 step process to reducing your property costs & freeing up more resources for inclusive missional work

We select and equip your tailored team of Activators.

After an initial consultation, our Space Experts get to work on matching your church with mission-aligned arts and cultural institutions, social service agencies, and community builders right in your neighbourhood. This can include municipalities, orchestras, restaurateurs, and more!



We manage your cost saving Activation.

An operational strategy is developed and administered that opens your space up to dynamic community use as well as support from a broad base of local stakeholders, deepening and formalizing the role of your church as a community asset. We can Activate your space for a few weeks, a few months, or for many years.


Your whole community wins.

Opening up churches to dynamic use and securing related supports serves the dual purpose of: (i) preserving local common good services - like the food banks and affordable performance venues often housed in churches; and, (ii) increasing their relevance and social impact through expanded partnerships with local changemakers.



Are you a Community Partner or Economic Catalyst interested in Activating local assets? There are many emerging Activation opportunities right in your neighbourhood!

Explore the Activation Map of community assets across Canada for some inspiration. This includes progressive churches within denominations looking for innovative ways to breathe new life into their spaces, surplus city-owned buildings, vacant public schools, and local lots and green spaces. Click the location circles for details on each property and pinch to zoom on mobile. 50+ properties added every week!

Get help from Activate Space to explore pathways you might follow to use these properties legally.

We can help you every step of the way!


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In the meantime join us at Coffee Hour, where we discuss the future of the church with some friends you may recognize.


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